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Magicrete Precast offers an industry leading service through a team of experienced professionals.

Magicrete Precast offers an industry leading installation service either through our own team of installation experts or through a number of Austral accredited installers. Years of experience and the knowledge developed from this means we understand the intricacies of precast installation and offer an industry leading installation service offering: quality, efficiency, affordability and an unrivalled level of attention to detail.

  • 01. EnquireBased Upon Layout Drawings Supplied to Our Technical Representative. Our Estimate Department Will Provide Economic Design & Quotes

  • 02. Engineering & DesignStudy Engineering To Arrive At Effective Structural Design And Quantities, thereby providing monolithic, flexible & economic structural design

  • 03. Production & DeliveryManufacture Under Rigorous Quality Standards As Per Schedules & Undertake Onsite Delivery As Per Erection Schedule.

  • 04. ErectionCarry Out Complete Erection Of Precast Elements Including Grouting And Fixing Joints, right from the sub-structure to the super structure

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